Blind tasting?

I am a scientist by heart and by training, and currently pursue a PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University. I love deep investigations into the nature of things, being precise, and doubting claims that are not based on evidence. This combines with my being a foodie and a passion for cognitive science to drive my investigations of flavor experiences described in this blog.

The topics covered by Blind Spectator include:

  • Reviews of food and beverage, mostly wine. A lot of blogs are doing that already, but it can’t hurt to add my own impressions. I try to be as precise and scientific as possible about it. This post explains the scale I use in my ratings.
  • Blind tasting experiments, including notes, prices, ratings, sometimes some statistical analysis, and conclusions. These are not standard reviews: blind tasting tries to avoid preexisting biases and knowledge of price. I believe this is the only way to objectively elicit one’s true preferences and to answer the million-dollar question: is this product really worth a million dollars?
  • Philosophical investigations: attempts to address, in a logical manner, theoretical issues such as the nature of flavor experiences, subjectivity and objectivity, price and quality, experimental design, perceptions and more.
  • Book reviews and thoughts about related posts from other blogs, articles and scientific papers.
  • Personal stories of where these passions take me.

For an introduction to the motivations behind this blog, see this post.

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